Fog X

Fog X

Fog X Fog Juice Whiteout extra long hang time Fog Juice

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Fog It Up!
  • Density: Whiteout

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                      Introducing Fog X.
Fog X is one of the thickest longest hang time Fog fluids on the market today. It is a whiteout fog fluid that also has a hang time that can't be beat. This Fog is perfect for people that want to completely Fog It Up! at their event or Halloween haunt.

  • Use in Water Based Fog Machines
  • Whiteout Density "Super Extra Thick"
  • Longest Hang time
  • Recommended for Fog machines over 1,000 watts
  • 7 staged filtered water for the cleanest water
  • FDA approved Ingredients used
  • Made in the USA
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