1. 3D Vision Plus Sys 1

3D Vision Plus Sys 1

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5 x 3D Vision Plus, 1 x MPC10. Auto Mode, Sound Active, DMX (3D VISION PL and RB1 are sold separetly)
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The 3D Vision System Plus 1 is a package that included five (5) 3D Vision panels, myDMX control software and all the cables needed to connect the panel system. Please note that the following accessories are sold separately: 3D Vision PL, 3D Vision RB1 and 3D Vision Encoder.



System Includes:
• 5x 3D Vision Plus Panels (includes power linking cable & RJ45 linking cable)
• 1x myDMX 3.0 DMX Control Software
• 1x MPC10 powerCon Power Cord
• 1x ACRJ453PM XLR to RJ45 adapter (connects myDMX 2.1 to 3D Vision Plus)


Sold Separately:
• 3D Vision PL: Quick release panel lock to lock 3D Visions together
• 3D Vision RB1: single panel rigging bar
• 3D Vision Encoder: DMX Encoder for 3D Vision used to set DMX address for each panel