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ADJ VF Flurry Snow Machine

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ADJ VF Flurry 600 Watt Snow Machine
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ADJ VF Flurry Snow Machine 

Product Description
The VF Flurry is a highly efficient, 600W Snow Machine. It has a spray distance of 2-5 meters. Features include: Low/High volume selection switch, low snow fluid shut off to protect the pump, snow fluid level indicator, 1 Liter internal snow fluid tank, and an On/Off switch on the rear panel. The VF Flurry uses water based snow fluid.

- 600W mobile Snow Machine
- Spray distance: 2-5 meters
- Volume selection switch: Low or high snow output
- Low snow fluid sensor to protect pump
- Internal snow fluid tank: 1 Liter
- Fluid level indicator
- Includes wired remote
- On/Off switch on rear panel
- Uses water based snow fluid
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 340x255x200mm
- Weight: 3.8 kg.

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