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Antari FT-100

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Antari FT100 Fire Training Fog Machine
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Antari FT-100

FT-100 is the first fog machine from Antari specifically designed for fire training purpose.


Main Features:


1. Two rotary knobs and a LCD screen are equipped on FT-100. These allow users to set and control fog output volume and timer settings with ease, even when wearing heavy-duty gloves.

2. A 1500 Watt heater block is capable of generating high volume thick fog in short time to simulate dense fog at fires.

3. A  W-2 wireless remote controller included.

4. The red paint finish gives FT-100 the identity of being part of fire industry.


- Voltage : U.S. version : 120 Volt

- Breaker : AC-120V, 15A/250V AC-230V, 7A/250V

- Power Consumption : 1,500W

- Output : 20,000 cu.ft / min

- Initial Heat-Up Time : 10 mins

- Fluid Consumption Rate : 100 ml/ min

- Tank Capacity : 6 liters

- Remote Included : W-2 Wireless Remote

- Control Options : Z-3 Remote

- Weight : 14.2 Kg

- Dimensions (mm) : L 580 x W 278.2 x H 264.5

- Liquid Used : Fog It Up! Fog Training Fluid

User Manual


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