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Antari M-1
Antari M-1

Antari M-1

M-1 Battery Powered Mobile Fogger

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Antari M-1

Antari M1 Battery Powered Mobile Fogger

The battery powered M-1 Fogger is perfect for photographers to use on location and is great for theatrical and cinematic applications. The M-1 is ideal for situations where a touch of fog is required. Because of its dimensions and weight (about 2 kg), the M-1 can be discretely placed on props, inside sets, or held on hand.

- Output: 300 cu.ft/min
- Power Consumption: 75 W
- Tank Capacity: 2.5 Liter
- Battery: DC 12V/2.3 Ah
- Consumption: 2cc/min
- Optional Remotes: MCT-1 (Timer Remote) MCR-1 (Wireless Remote)
- System Weight: 6 kgs / 13.25 Lbs
- Dimensions (mm): L227 x W66 x H81

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