Fog Juice and What It Means To Us
                            We have now been at the Fog Game for almost 4 years now. While our company name has changed our ideas and goals have never once changed. When we started we wanted to do one thing and one thing only. Bring together both quality fog juice with lower prices. Through out the 4 years we have had people tell us everything you could hear when it comes to that goal. This includes comments such as, For that price there must be a lacking in quality to thank you so much for being able to help out our charity by allowing us to have awesome fog that we can afford. Now some of these can sound like generic comments but they are both very true and have been said to us. When running a company that deals with such a loyal fan base it can be a lot harder to crack the scene than one might thing. For us we were able to meet up with people that not only helped push us to the next level but have become our very close friends.
                 It's funny because when you think of something like Fog Juice, sometimes people just don't put a lot of thought into the subject matter. Certain people think that it's some ingredients mixed together, put it in a bottle, and slap a label on it. For us it has always been so much more than just that. This blog is something out of the norm for us because sometimes it's important to explain the business part of things. Not just the business but the amount of effort that we here at Fog it Up! have put into this business. It has become almost like a child that we have raised to face the world. When we see that child fall or the business take a hit, it can become personal to us to see something we love so much hurt.
                    At the end of the day we are just glad  and most importantly thankful for the customer base that we have built for the years. It makes those long nights figuring out what needs to be done well worth it. From everyone here at Fog It Up! we say Thank you!

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