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The Maniac

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CICT Maniac  (CITC The Maniac)

CITC's the Maniac is the most spectacular, spellbinding fog machine you've ever seen. In fact, we would go so far to say that it's quiet possibly the most exciting piece of special effects equipment since the original snow machine, the CITC Little Blizzard.

Designed for creative stage lighting designers as well as DJ's that really know how to rock, the Maniac was born to be wild. It's fast, it's vibrant, it's powerful, and it's strong.

Extensive testing has been done by CITC to ensure the unit will be trouble-free and long-lasting. Surprisingly affordable, adding the Maniac to your equipment line will be one of the best audience pleasers you've ever had.

Product Features:

Fog / Beam / Fog and LED Beam / Fog & White Beam
Moving Head Degrees: X=380 Y=270
8W RGBA Quad LED's x 10
20,000 cu. ft. minute, 16W of Power
Adjustable Output and Speed
Strobe, Dim, Mix Colors
Wireless Remote for Fog
Operate One or Sequence Several
9 DMX Channels
Can be hung or set on a shelf
DMX control board necessary for operation
Technical Specifications

Weight: 39 lbs
Size: 19" x 18" x 22"
Fog Output: 20,000 ft3/min
Preheat Time: about 5 minutes
DMX Channels: 10
LED Lamps: 8W RGBA x 10
Fluid Capacity: 1.37 qt.
Pan: 540°
Tilt: 270°
Electrical Supply: 1600W (100-120 VAC, 15A, 50/60 Hz)
Electrical Breaker: 15A - 250 VAC
Limited Warranty: One Year
CE Approved

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